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With state of the art gym equipment, and facilities to cater for your every need no stone has been left unturned. Natural air flow is an absolute must when you are training and well, we added a nice view at the same time. This will not be a hole in the wall with cheap paint making up the design. This just ain't my style. 

We urge all to first investigate the gyms in the area before making long term contract decisions. 
They say sorry often comes too late. 

Only 2500 memberships will be sold after which there will be a waiting list. I am almost 100% confident that you cannot see in your mind's eye just how out of this world this gym is! 

The words stunning, crazy, pretty, classy, colorful and awesome come to mind when I think about what we are doing . In fact, those were my instructions to the world famous interior designer Brian.


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